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Armijo Investigations and Mitigation Services is a licensed and bonded private investigation agency, specializing in criminal defense investigations, mitigation, and civil investigations. We are a male/female investigator team with over three decades combined experience and a leader in the industry. We provide a diverse range of investigation services to attorneys and private organizations and individuals.

We are always committed to upholding the highest investigative standards. We strongly believe in maintaining a personable, yet professional, approach to every case and take pride in our demonstrated integrity, attention to detail and work ethic. We are dependable, proficient and thorough in our work and deliverables.

In addition to gathering all pertinent information, our highly-trained investigators add valuable insight and additional perspectives contributing to the overall case analysis, strategy, theory, and trial preparation. And, we have proven to our clients an innate ability to "think outside the box" when necessary.

We Are a Trusted Partner

Attorneys and individuals have put their trust in Armijo Investigations & Mitigation Services since 2001. We look forward to assisting you with your next case. 

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We Are a Trusted Partner

Attorneys and individuals have put their trust in 

Armijo Investigations & Mitigation Services since 2001. 

Please contact us so we can discuss your investigation needs. 

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