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Armijo Investigations & Mitigation Services is a licensed and bonded private investigation agency, specializing in criminal defense investigations, mitigation, and civil investigations. We are a male/female investigator team with over three decades combined experience and a leader in the industry. We provide a diverse range of investigation and mitigation services to attorneys and private organizations and individuals.

We are always committed to upholding the highest investigative standards. We strongly believe in maintaining a personable, yet professional, approach to every case and take pride in our demonstrated integrity, attention to detail and work ethic. We are dependable, proficient and thorough in our work and deliverables.

In addition to gathering all pertinent information, our highly-trained investigators add valuable insight and additional perspectives contributing to the overall case analysis, strategy, theory, and trial preparation. And, we have proven to our clients an innate ability to "think outside the box" when necessary.

Attorneys practicing criminal and civil law have put their trust in Armijo Investigations since 2001. We look forward to assisting you with your next case. 

Our Team

Morgan Armijo, Investigator



Morgan is a licensed private investigator (often abbreviated PI, informally called a private eye), a private detective, or inquiry agent, hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services. 

The value of hard work and making a dollar was instilled in Morgan at an early age. Morgan helped his father and sisters clean a church three days a week to pay for his education. He delivered papers, cut lawns and, between age eleven and nineteen, he worked on a farm in Montana each summer. 

While earning a Bachelor of Arts from University of Washington Tacoma, Morgan began working as an investigative intern for the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel in 1999. Since 2001, he has owned and operated Armijo Investigations. Morgan has qualified and worked for several large law agencies, including the federal government, county agencies, insurance companies, banks, and numerous private citizens. 

Morgan has worked for over 100 different attorneys in civil and criminal cases. He has worked every type of criminal defense matter under the sun (ok, maybe not, but close). Understanding another’s complex plight and taking the necessary action to help resolve the situation is most accurately done through much learned experience. Experience matters; you get what you pay for. 

Noteworthy Investigations: 

  • Helped an insurance company negotiate far less than plaintiff’s demand by obtaining photos and videos of plaintiff doing yard work, cleaning gutters, and up on the roof, when plaintiff reportedly could not walk. Plaintiff’s request was over $2 million; settled for only a fraction. 
  • Located a teenage runaway being held against her will in a Kitsap County trailer park and reunited her with her family
  • Worked on high profile child sex abuse case where the plaintiffs sued the Catholic Church
  • Investigated a child sex abuse case where the plaintiffs sued the YMCA
  • Helped confirm and deny several domestic related issues for the concerned individual  
  • Participation in location and repossessions of livestock and semi-trucks

Julie Armijo, M.S. Forensic Psychology Mitigation Specialist


Julie has a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy from Arizona State University. She also has degrees and educational background in criminal justice, forensic science, and business administration. She has been a licensed private investigator since 2005 and began specialized work as a mitigation specialist in 2012. Her caseload has been comprised of serious adult and juvenile felonies, capital cases, 2nd/3rd strike cases, and “life” cases. She has also had the unique experience of working within the courts for a Pierce County Superior Court judge.

The emphasis of her graduate research and studies surrounded neurodevelopmental science and juvenile crime and sentencing. Her graduate studies, in combination with her experience, have substantially trained her to conduct screenings and identify medical, mental health, trauma, substance-related, neurodevelopmental, cognitive, and other disorders, and to assist attorneys with pre-/post-conviction mitigation and sentencing advocacy. By exploring the biopsychosocial life history of individuals she prepares comprehensive life history reports and mitigation packages; constructs individualized pre-trial release and sentencing plans; and integrates visual storytelling and sentencing videos.

She has exceptional interpersonal and interviewing skills and the ability to extract sensitive information from clients and witnesses, including children, and is able to compile, analyze and disseminate large amounts of information in a concise, logical format. She has established a reputation for always demonstrating professional behavior when dealing with witnesses, colleagues, attorneys, experts, and other individuals.

Julie stays current in the many areas of mitigation by actively participating in advanced training and maintaining membership with several professional associations. Her personal passions and professional goals will always be rooted in advocacy for superior, holistic, client-centered defense.